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  • If your museum is like most others, you probably already have an email list. But are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are seven tips to help you send emails that drive engagement and inspire more visits to... Read More

  • Video is a powerful way to get attention and boost both digital and foot traffic to your museum. The numbers speak for themselves. Research shows that watching a video increases a viewer’s commitment to making a purchase by 97%. Videos... Read More

  • Marketing for museums just got more exciting as Facebook recently announced major innovations for social media at their F8 Conference. Facebook has seen a drop-off in user-generated content, but their new move toward augmented reality is designed to make sharing... Read More

  • You know the value of posting content regularly to your museum blog and social media accounts. But if you’ve been posting for a while, you may feel like you’re running out of fresh material. Peruse our list of 31 blog... Read More

  • You’ve done it! You have the all-clear to start your museum website redesign. Armed with a list of everything you hate about your current website, it’s tempting to jump right into sketching wireframes or outlining site maps. Not so fast,... Read More

  • Considered by many historians to be the most well-preserved early presidential home, The Hermitage agreed that the quality of the online experience did not accurately reflect the quality of the in-person experience. Landslide Creative teamed up with The Hermitage to create a website that would capture and share Andrew Jackson’s vibrant personality and historical contribution while driving ticket sales.

  • Download the Website Redesign Workbook to get a jumpstart on planning your next website upgrade. Created specifically with museums and historical sites in mind, this free, digital workbook will help you: Identify your goals and objectives for the project Track your... Read More

  • You have a lot of content to share on your website. How should you organize it? What information are visitors looking for? What should be featured? What can hide behind a few clicks? Answering these questions gets easier if you think of your website visitors in three primary groups as you plan the organization, layout and design of your website.

  • The digital world is constantly evolving. Your business needs transform based on market changes. New trends in consumer behavior and design emerge, making what was cool yesterday suddenly seem dated and out-of-touch today. It’s hard to keep up. It’s hard... Read More

  • A website or marketing plan with no strategy means you might be haphazardly completing tasks with no consideration of if it’s helping you achieve your goals or even appealing to your target audience. Find out what makes up a strategic plan, and how to get one.