Is your church website struggling to keep up? We design custom church websites that can handle the needs of growing congregations.

Churches, and their websites, must serve many audiences and multiple purposes. If your website wasn’t designed to prioritize and address each one, you probably often find yourself frustrated that your site can’t accommodate all of the communications demands.

After working inside churches and partnering with ministries, we know the challenges that church communicators face.

We use our experience to build for your long-term success, creating a church website that meets your needs today, and has room to grow with you. You’ll be able to stop fighting with your website so you can focus on your goals.

Director of Communications, Andrew Barnes

"We wanted an agency that would treat us less like a number and more like individual clients. I was thrilled to find Landslide. They were quick to get the process started. They listened, asked questions, and really cared about our goals."

Not sure where to start? We take out the guesswork of church web design and development.

We’ve worked with churches of all sizes, and can help you balance the needs of all ministries and campuses, while serving both members and seekers through your digital presence.

Are you a multi-site church? We know multi-site churches have unique communications challenges that affect how your website is structured and maintained. Using our best practices from working with large, multi-campus churches, we can help you determine the most effective approach that streamlines communication and eliminates redundancy.

The key to our process? We start every website project with a LaunchPlan. It’s how we ensure that we are good stewards of your resources and develop a website that advances your mission.

About the LaunchPlan
Communications Director, Lisa Jansen

"Each person at Landslide has immense knowledge in their field. I asked probably 1,000 questions during the time we worked together and they always gave me an answer and were readily available to help."

Case Study

See how we designed and developed a custom church website to grow the impact and reach of Capital Pres Family, a church network in the D.C. area. See the case study.

We Partner with Churches & Ministries of All Sizes for Website Design & Development Services

Custom Website Design & Development Services for Churches

Your website will be designed and developed based on your established brand and specific communications needs. Whether you need full integration with your church management software or a solution for storing sermon archives from the 80s, we’ve got you covered. As much as possible, we look forward to plan for your future needs so you maximize your ROI.

All of our websites use responsive design to ensure a good user experience for people on all devices, including tablets and phones. We layer in security, performance and search engine optimization at every step. Learn more about our website BuildOuts.

Assistant Director of Communications, Sarah Borton

"I found the experience to be especially helpful as the team was (and is!) totally on our team and on board for helping us create a high quality website that meets the needs of our church and those we're trying to reach."

Case Study

Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina shares the Gospel around the world with their robust global missions program. We helped them build an interactive mission map to engage their congregation in joining mission trips and praying for missionaries. See the case study.

Overwhelmed by your church website design project? Our process keeps it simple.

You’re juggling a lot, and we know a website project can feel overwhelming. We’ve developed and optimized a process for our work that keeps things simple and organized throughout the project. It enables us to deliver on-time and on-budget, every time.

Plus, we’re a small team and we limit the number of projects we take on, so that your project is our top priority and we can stay responsive to your needs — before, during and after creating your website.

See Our Process

Ready to build your church website? Have more questions?

Redesigning your church website is a big project, and you probably have a lot of questions. Use the form to get in touch, and we can talk through all of the details, no pressure!

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What makes Landslide Creative different from other church website design companies?

We have a philosophy for church websites that is the result of working on staff and in partnership with churches for over a decade. We infuse these best practices into all of church website design projects:

  1. Strategy Driven – We start by defining a clear strategy so your website will help you further your mission. It’s how we ensure we are good stewards of your resources and deliver a significant return on your investment.
  2. Outward Focus – Growing churches are outwardly focused, prioritizing the needs of first- and second-time visitors or “seekers,” so that it’s easy for them to find the information they need and get connected. We help you navigate critical design and development decisions so that we create the optimal user experience for visitors.
  3. Next Steps – Your church website should help people take the next steps on their spiritual journey and get plugged in. We work with you to identify the key steps you want your audience to take, and orient your site around these markers.
  4. Efficiency – Based on your needs, we identify solutions that strike the right balance between user experience, loading time and administrative burden.
  5. Longevity & Scalability – We design with the future in mind, creating an infrastructure that is flexible and scalable so that your website meets your needs for many years to come.

We’re a small, agile team, and our goal is to make the web design process enjoyable for everyone involved. Our leadership team is hands-on and directly involved in every project, so you know you’re getting our best work from team members deeply invested in the future of our company and our clients.

What's included with your church website design services?

As the best church website design companies know, every church is unique, but there are also key website features and functionality that just about every church needs or would love to have. To ensure your church has the critical ingredients that lead to a successful digital presence, we include the following in every church website we design and develop:

  1. Customized WordPress CMS – Every site is custom-built on a WordPress foundation that we’re continuously updating and optimizing.
  2. Custom Design – We create a custom website design, based on your church branding. We don’t use templates, so you know your site is completely designed for your specific needs, preferences and target audiences.
  3. Strategic Site Map and Navigation – The first step of our process is meeting with your team to discuss your specific needs and goals. Based on your priorities, we recommend an easy to navigate site map.
  4. Page Builder Tool Our custom Page Builder Tool gives you the control to quickly and easily add, remove and edit content without compromising the design of the site. No coding or advanced knowledge needed, and your site is extremely flexible so that it can accommodate your changing needs.
  5. Unlimited Pages – Create landing pages for all of your ministries and programs.
  6. Plan a Visit Page – We help you create a page designed specifically for welcoming new visitors and making them feel comfortable visiting your church.
  7. Full Control – You have full control of your page content and navigation structure. Quickly and easily update pages as needed.
  8. Watch Now & Online Service Integration Automatically notify your visitors when your live broadcast is available. Seamlessly integrate with your online service provider, such as Church Online, YouTube Live or Vimeo Live.
  9. Sermon Library – Upload sermons to build an online media library.
  10. Staff/Leadership Directory – Introduce your pastors, ministers, leaders, elders and other church staff.
  11. Event Calendar Display your upcoming events in a centralized calendar view and automatically create dedicated landing pages for each event.
  12. Online Giving Integrate with your online giving platform, like PushPay, Tithely, MobileCause, Stripe, Paypal and more to accept donations through your website.
  13. Content Aggregation & Page Building We help you aggregate the content from your existing website or materials, and enter content into your new CMS.
  14. Forms Add contact forms to any page and route submissions to the right person to manage communication and registrations. Forms can be used for everything from requesting prayer to signing up for classes.
  15. Search Engine Optimization We use best practices and helpful tools to make your site discoverable on search engines like Google.

This is just the beginning! Get in touch to talk about our process and what you can expect during your project!