How to Use Video to Boost Engagement with Your Museum Marketing

Video is a powerful way to get attention and boost both digital and foot traffic to your museum. The numbers speak for themselves. Research shows that watching a video increases a viewer’s commitment to making a purchase by 97%. Videos increase brand association by 139%, and can boost conversion rates 80% when added to landing pages.

With results like these, adding video to your museum marketing mix is a no-brainer. Here are a few ways you can get started with video in your museum marketing.

Video Marketing Ideas for Your Museum

Add Video to Your Museum Website

Your website is a great first place to start. You will have website visitors who are skimmers, swimmers and divers, so providing video lets people control how in-depth they get with your content.

  • Create a video ad that tells people about upcoming events or new exhibits. A weekly, monthly or seasonal focus can increase relevancy.
  • Add video to your About page. About pages are typically some of the most-visited pages of websites, and video is an opportunity to increase engagement and drive visitors to take a follow-up action. Provide a quick overview of your organization, its background and its most compelling features, as well as ways to get involved or visit.
  • Create informational videos about specific exhibits or artifacts that go beyond simple descriptions. Share behind-the-scenes content that most visitors don’t have access to. Interview an expert for a unique viewpoint.
  • Use video on your Plan Your Visit page. The key here is to give the most compelling information about the property. Highlight the things that should be on any visitors’ must-see list.
  • Build your email list with video. Use a video on your email sign up page to increase your conversion rate. Try describing a special offer that email subscribers receive.

Encourage User-Generated Video Content

When visitors start creating and sharing their own content, your work is done for you! While many people seem (too?) eager to post details of their life, it may take some encouragement to get people shooting and sharing.

  • Hold a video contest. Try using a theme that is related to a holiday or special event.
  • Promote a hashtag for sharing video content on social media.
  • Create an atmosphere that is friendly for videos. All museums have different codes of conduct, so people may be unsure if it’s appropriate to take photos or videos. If it’s acceptable in your facility, make sure that’s clear. Place physical signage and props or backdrops around your property.

Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Placing a video in an email gives it an extreme advantage over emails without video. In fact, statistics show that video increases click-through rates by 200-300%.

  • Record video invitations before an exhibit opening celebration or other special event.
  • Recap an event after it has happened to build excitement for future events.
  • Send thank-you videos from museum staff after a visitor has been at the museum. Be sure to include “next steps” and ways to get involved.
  • Create video announcements for any upcoming events or new features of your museum.

Live-Stream Video on Social Media

Among videos, live-streaming videos that viewers can watch in real time are typically the most engaging of all. They can have a big pay-off, too. Currently, 67% of consumers who see a live video are more likely to purchase a ticket to an event after watching it.

  • Live-stream a presentation or event.
  • Use live video to show behind-the-scenes activities at the museum.
  • Host a Q&A with a curator who can answer questions related to the museum, or feature a special guest speaker.

Start Using Video to Market Your Museum Now

Video marketing is making a major impact right now. Don’t wait to start adding videos to your museum marketing. The time is right to attract and engage visitors with this simple yet highly influential medium. Need a hand on producing your videos? Get in touch.