Amanda Dyer

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Amanda got her start in business, marketing and design in elementary school when she created and sold portraits of N*Sync members and bead animal keychains. Despite their success, she eventually moved on to other ventures, starting multiple businesses before she was old enough to drive.

Studying digital media communication and interactive design at Middle Tennessee State University, she found her calling: using her skills and a lifelong love of business and marketing to help businesses, and the families and communities they represent, achieve success.

Beginning her career in communications and design at a national B2B service company, she moved on to become creative director. An entrepreneur at heart, she simultaneously launched Landslide Creative with long-time friend Josh Jenkins, combining her marketing and project management background with his technical and business expertise. A match made in heaven. Well, in an art class at MTSU. But close enough.

Today, Amanda guides big-picture strategic marketing initiatives and executes on detailed projects and campaigns.

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