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Web Design & Development

Church Answers is the go-to resource for church leaders who want to grow or revitalize their church and lead more effectively. Driven by a mission to empower the local church, Church Answers enlisted Landslide to consolidate their many resources and websites into a single, one-stop-shop that provides a simple, intuitive experience for customers.

Custom E-Commerce Website Design & Development

The Church Answers brand was spread across multiple web properties, including Thom Rainer’s personal blog and numerous product-specific microsites. The brand is very popular and highly regarded among church leaders, but as the company has grown rapidly and expanded their services, they lacked a cohesive framework for showing customers all they had to offer. It was a challenge for the admin team to keep everything organized.

The Church Answers team envisioned a centralized marketing website to house all of their free resources and paid solutions, with a customer dashboard for an improved user experience. We worked closely with the team to create a web strategy that would consolidate their digital assets, leading to increased sales conversions, reduced technology spend, and streamlined management.


Identifying Audience Goals

We identified the three primary goals for the target audiences served by Church Answers. This gave us a framework to organize the entire site around, and created an entry point for new customers.

Integrations Architecture

We integrated the site with several third-party tools to expand its functionality and allow the management team to maintain the workflows they were already using.

Site Map & Content Plan

We created a site map that intuitively organized content for users, and made sure every required element would have a home on the new site.

Kevin Spratt, VP & Chief Growth Officer

"The Landslide team was great to work with. They took the time to understand our brand, our customers, and our team needs. They showed us things about ourselves we knew but hadn't articulated well. They cleaned up a lot of our technical debt and they were a dream to work with."

Flexible Design for Future Growth and Expansion

We incorporated our custom Page Builder Tool, which allows the management team to easily add, edit, remove and rearrange content on any page at any time without touching any code. Administrators upload content and images, and they are automatically designed and formatted. This system ensures everything stays consistent and professional, but gives the team flexibility to adapt content as their needs change over time. It extends the life of the website considerably and makes management a breeze.

ADA-Compliant, Accessible Website Design

The site was designed and developed to be compliant with web accessibility standards, which ensures a positive experience for all users, including those with disabilities.


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