Easter Sermon Design Inspiration & Ideas for Your Church

Easter Sunday means a spike in attendance for most churches in America, making it one of the most high-pressure seasons for church communications pros.

The demand to come up with a new approach and a fresh perspective for your Easter series can feel daunting as you see the deadlines for artwork get closer. Can I get an “amen”?

To get you started, we’ve compiled a few of the Easter sermon series designs that we’ve created (with our killer designer, Todd Evans), plus some ideas for how you can refresh your Easter branding.

1. Go Bold & Unexpected

Pastels, watercolors and script fonts can be awesome, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to Easter-themed design. Think about ways you could use a darker color palette or an unexpected typeface to mix it up.

McLean Presbyterian in McLean, VA / Easter: A Different Kind of Power
McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, VA doesn’t shy away from pushing the envelope with their creative sermon series ideas. Stepping away from the typical pastels, McLean was ready for something a little different than your average Easter graphics.

This graphic approach is totally unexpected and totally exciting. Branching out from your typical color palettes can add some fresh imagery.

2. Keep it Clean and Simple

Sometimes, less is more. It can be tempting to add more and more complexity to our designs, but often, we can communicate something just as powerful when we strip away the unnecessary elements.

Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, TN / Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life
Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, TN wanted to keep things simple this Easter, capturing the true significance of Easter in as few lines as possible. The design package includes minimalist icons for Good Friday and Palm Sunday as well, which can be used across different communications channels.


Minimalist doesn’t have to mean white. A solid background in any color can say clean and simple.

3. Make it Personal

A small personal touch can make any design or branding feel more custom. Can you incorporate photography from your city or past events? Artwork from your kids’ ministry? Can you take your own photo instead of relying on stock?

Capital Pres Family in McLean, VA / Easter: So All May Know
Moving from one campus to two, McLean Presbyterian wanted to use Easter as a chance to reinforce their new brand, Capital Pres Family. Using photos of the D.C. area to add a personalized feel, the artwork supports their new identity and conveys the overall message of why Easter matters to everyone.

Use landscape images that reflect your region to make it feel personal.

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