17 Social Media Post Ideas for Nonprofits

Sharing your purpose and keeping your followers up-to-date with the latest happenings at your nonprofit should be a top priority. But sometimes you can just feel stuck. Use these social media post ideas to jumpstart your creativity and content development.

Social Media Post Ideas for Nonprofits

Share a testimonial.
Share how someone’s life has been impacted by what you do. This could be someone who has be involved in your program, or even a volunteer or donor.


Quote your founder.
People love to hear from your leaders. Pull a quote from something they’ve written, or make a fun graphic to go with their favorite catch phrases.


Get behind the scenes.
Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look as what it’s like to do the work you do. Show your team getting ready for an upcoming event.


Ask a question.
Give your followers a chance to join the conversation. Experiment with light-hearted questions (like what they’re doing this weekend) and deeper prompts (like why they support your organization).


Post some FAQs.
Answer those questions you get all the time.


Share an inspirational quote.
Motivate your followers with an inspiring quote that relates to your nonprofit’s mission.


Create a poll.
Ask followers a poll question to see what they think about a topic.


Give a tour.
Record a video tour of your offices or your mission base.


Share your history.
Do #flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursdays featuring a picture from your archives.


Highlight a volunteer.
Most nonprofits have amazing volunteers who help make things happen. Snap a quick photo of those special people and give them a shoutout on social or write a feature story on your blog.


Create a contest.
Got merch? Challenge followers to post a photo or take an action, and tag the organization or a specific hashtag. Choose a winner randomly or based on some other criteria, and send them some merch!


Promote an upcoming event.
There is always something on the calendar. Let your followers see all the prep that goes into it.


Interview your staff.
What are your staff members working on? Are there new programs or initiatives you are starting? Give your followers an update.


Post on purpose.
Remind followers why you do what you do and why it matters. Use personal stories to support your point.


Highlight a donor.
Ask your supporter why they give and why others should give to your nonprofit.


Host a takeover.
Let someone you know and trust do your posts for the day. This is a great way to expand your audience. (Be sure to discuss ahead of time what kinds of posts they will be doing.)


Go live.
Capitalize on the live video craze. Highlight an upcoming event, program announcement or share great results you’ve seen.


Now that we’ve sparked your imagination, get out there and create some great content!