Strategy Session

Start your project on the right foot with a Strategy Session.

What marketing tactics will be most effective for your company?

What do you want your brand to represent?

How should you communicate to your audiences about your products and services?

What creative elements are worth your investment, and what isn’t needed?

A Strategy Session is the first step to answering these questions and more.

In a Strategy Session, our strategic marketing team to works closely with you to get a thorough, in-depth understanding of your vision, needs and goals. Based on your specific needs, we’ll discuss your objectives, existing and proposed marketing strategy and tactics, target audiences, and much more. Keep reading to learn more about our Strategy Sessions.

Why should I do a Strategy Session?

It’s easy to dive right into tactical marketing decisions without having a bigger-picture marketing strategy in mind. Decisions that are not based on a larger understanding of your branding, positioning, audience and market strategy can lead to wasted time and money. A Strategy Session ensures we have a comprehensive approach and that all marketing efforts contribute to your objectives.

What is a Strategy Session?

Strategy Sessions include guided discussions with your relevant stakeholders, as well as a variety of exercises, described below, to help us determine your most effective marketing strategy and how we should work together.

Brand Archetypes

It’s important that we have a good understanding or your organization’s “personality” or “brand archetype.” Brand archetypes are useful for defining your brand, helping your clients understand your company, and guiding you as you create opportunities to connect with your audience, both online and offline. We’ll complete an assessment designed to identify your primary and secondary brand archetypes. These will be used to guide all subsequent projects.

Buyer Profiles

Buyer profiles are realistic descriptions of your targeted groups of customers. They contain demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and needs/wants. A buyer profile may include information such as: age range, family makeup, job roles, media influences, education, website usage, etc. With your provided insight, we will create a buyer profile for your top 2-4 types of buyers.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis evaluates the strengths and weaknesses your organization possesses, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces. It’s an excellent starting point for determining the marketing strategy and tactics that will be most effective.

Asset Audit

We will review any existing marketing pieces (including website, collateral, campaigns, etc.) and brand messaging to identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities to refine. How are you communicating with each of your target audiences and how can your messaging be fine-tuned?

A thorough review of your existing website (if applicable) will look at the messaging, conversion opportunities, information architecture, design and more. We will discuss how we might rework the navigation to create a more logical and intuitive organization system. Outlining your existing site map helps us visualize the existing content on the site, and identify where redundancies may be occurring.

Additional Topics

Based on your unique situation, we will cover a variety of other topics to ensure we are prepared to make recommendations on your marketing strategy and tactics:

  • KPIs – What are the key performance indicators you should measure? What are your goals for growth?
  • Competitor analysis – Who are your primary competitors? What is their positioning in the market?
  • What are your differentiators?
  • Value proposition assessment – Do you have a strong value proposition?
  • Workflow and data evaluation – What systems are you currently using? Do you have a CRM, marketing automation, or email marketing service provider? Do you have an up-to-date contact and customer list?


In addition to the actionable insight gained during this session, you’ll receive a Strategy Session Executive Summary & Proposal that includes:

  • Comprehensive notes and a recap of the session.
  • Recommended next steps for marketing tactics and messaging.
  • Pricing for engaging Landslide Creative to execute the recommendations.