QHR Health

Web Design & Development
Copywriting & Content Creation

We partnered with QHR Health to revamp their digital presence as part of a broader rebranding effort for the company and its subsidiaries. The site is highly flexible to allow for content updates as the company grows and expands its services. An extensive resource library and learning institute demonstrate their subject matter expertise.

Responsive Healthcare Website Design

We designed and developed the QHR Health website to seamlessly flow between across all devices. Attention to detail at every screen resolution ensures a professional appearance whether prospective clients are viewing the site on a desktop, tablet or phone.

Designing a Healthcare Training & Education Library

An extensive training and education library gives QHR significant recognition as a subject matter expert in their field of healthcare consulting. We redesigned the user interface (UI) to better showcase the available webinars, creating a visual categorization system and adding filtering capabilities.

Flexible Content Management for Efficiency and Growth

We incorporated our custom Page Builder Tool to allow for quick and easy content management. Content and images can be entered through the WordPress interface, and it’s automatically formatted to display consistently across the site — all without touching any code. With the company growing and adding new services regularly, the QHR marketing team can quickly add and update content to reflect changes.

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