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Localist is an event marketing software platform that helps organizations leverage the power of events to engage and grow communities. Poised for major growth, Localist wanted to ensure their brand strategy was clear before introducing the company to new audiences. Localist tapped Landslide Creative to help them define a brand strategy that would guide their launch into new markets.

The campaign was awarded a Silver 2020 Muse Creative award for Strategic Programs!

The campaign kicked off with WHY Week, five days of fun and contemplative, hands-on, in-office activities that invited Localist employees to reflect on their role and what makes Localist great.

We designed decor for the office, and created daily notes and emails that would feature leadership participation and keep the energy up throughout the week.

The campaign was introduced with an animation video that explained the motivation behind the initiative.

We designed and built technology solutions to capture feedback through video recordings, text forms, and physical displays. Employees were awarded points for responses, and would receive prizes for participation.

Working closely with the executive team, Landslide then reviewed the responses from WHY Week, and synthesized them into a new WHY statement, brand manifesto and story. We brought them to life in an animation video and refreshed collateral. We also created a custom illustration of each employee, and used it to produce personalized gifts.

With a new brand strategy and a clear WHY in place, the Localist team celebrated with a launch party where they revealed the messaging and collateral. Employees were energized by the experience, and the new strategic direction was used to propel acquisition marketing campaigns. The campaign breathed fresh life into the brand, invigorating both internal and external audiences as the company prepares for major growth.

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