Kaiser Permanente

Web Design & Development
Graphic Design & Branding
Copywriting & Content Creation
Video Production

With thousands of employees across the country, cybersecurity is a critical issue for Kaiser Permanente, a large healthcare organization. We conceptualized, researched, wrote, designed and developed a change management campaign that included digital assets KP can use to educate their team members on how to stay safe in cyberspace.

Brand Continuity

The first step was to establish a unique “look and feel” for the campaign that would provide unity and visual interest. We created a set of icons that would be used across every asset in the campaign.

Interactive Web Game Design and Development

We created an interactive game that presented a variety of realistic scenarios and asked users to select the correct response. Animations simulated opening an email and answering a ringing phone to increase interactivity and engagement.

Informative Landing Page

We designed and developed a landing page that informed users about security risks to their smartphones. The site uses a full-screen scrolling technique, with expandable tabs for those who are interested in diving deeper into the content.

Design for All Devices

The web-based elements of the campaign needed to be accessible on all devices, so we designed layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.

Infographics and Job Aids

Not every user of the campaign would be interested in spending several minutes interacting with a game or viewing an animation video. To accommodate users who want to get straight to the point, we created infographics and jobs aids that can be skimmed or saved for future reference.

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