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Cumberland Creative is a full-service, Nashville-based video production, photography and social media company producing high-quality marketing collateral for major brands nationwide. Cumberland Creative partnered with Landslide Creative to give their website a refresh with responsive design that puts their award-winning video work on display.

Custom Responsive Website Design & Development

Cumberland Creative focuses on creating impactful stories for brands that want action, but they didn’t have a user-centric, responsive website to display their high-quality work. Cue Landslide Creative. We created a custom website that showcases their video portfolio and acts as a lead generation tool.

Brand Messaging

By pinpointing the ideal audiences and the needs and concerns of each segment, we outlined brand messaging that resonated with the target clientele.

Site Map & Content Structure

We designed a site map that intuitively organized content and services. We also allowed for additional landing pages to drive traffic from related search terms.

Information Architecture

The wireframing process ensures that we plan for a navigation system that is easy to use.

Flexible Web Development for Future Growth

Cumberland Creative’s website is built using our custom Page Builder Tool, which streamlines the management of content for the their team allowing them to easily add, edit, remove and rearrange content or projects on any page at any time without touching the code. Content and images can be simply added and are automatically formatted to match the design of the site. This system ensures everything stays consistent, professional, and on-brand while delivering the flexibility needed to adapt for the future growth of their portfolio and services.

Clear Calls to Action

We incorporated clear calls to action (CTAs) on every page so that potential clients never second-guess how to get started.

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