21 Social Media Post Ideas for Churches

You know the importance of keeping your church members up-to-date with the latest happenings at your church, but eventually you may find yourself staring at a blinking cursor. In those moments when panic ensues, use these social media post ideas for churches to help you break through your writer’s block.

Social Media Post Ideas for Churches

Share a testimony.
Highlighting testimonies from your church members are a great way to share the Gospel and give a personal touch to your updates.


Quote your pastor.
We all know Pastors can be the life of the party and your congregation probably loves to hear from your leaders. Pull quotes from the Sunday sermon or make a fun graphic to go with their favorite catch phrases.


Use the Bible.
The Bible is our ultimate source for daily inspiration! Try sharing staff members’ favorite verses.


Go behind the scenes.
Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look as what your team is doing to prepare or rehearse for upcoming events.


Ask a question.
Give your followers a chance to join the conversation and ask them something. Experiment with light-hearted questions (like what they’re doing this weekend) and deeper prompts (like what they’re learning from the current sermon series).


Create a poll.
Ask followers a poll question relating to your current sermon series or an upcoming event.


Give a tour.
Record a video of you or another team member giving a tour of a part of your facilities.


Share your history.
Do #flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursday featuring a photo from the church archive.


Spotlight a volunteer.
Every church has amazing volunteers who help make Sunday great. Snap a quick photo of those special people and give them a shoutout on social or write a feature story on your blog.


Recap an event.
Grab photos from a service or event and feature them with captions in a carousel post.


Create a contest.
Got church merch? Challenge followers to post a photo of them doing something related to your sermon series, and tag the church or a specific hashtag. Choose a winner randomly or based on some other criteria, and send them some church merch!


Promote an upcoming event.
There is always something on the calendar. Create a shareable graphic for your next service day, class, youth event or worship night.


Do a video invitation.
Grab someone who is good on camera and recognized within your church congregation. Record them inviting people to a service or event.


Interview your pastor.
Help followers get to know your pastor as a person to feel connected. Interview the pastor answering fun questions. Bonus points: record several at one time, and post them every few weeks.


Explain a church term.
Your church probably has some pretty unfamiliar words in their belief statements or faith doctrines. Choose one of those tricky words and explain its meaning, or point followers to more resources.


Invite people to church.
It’s easy to get caught up in coming up with fun and creative posts. Don’t forget to simply invite people to join your services.


Talk about what you’re learning.
What Bible studies are your staff members reading? Share some highlights with your followers.


Share your playlist.
Let your followers know what you’ll be singing this week, or create a top 5 worship playlist they can listen to on their own.


Share a reading list.
Share some recommended reading with your followers. It could be additional resources that compliment your sermon, or book recommended by your ministry leaders.


Host a takeover.
Let an organization you know and trust do your posts for the day. This is a great way to bring awareness to a charity or missionary your church supports. (Be sure to discuss ahead of time what kinds of posts they will be doing.)


Go Live.
Capitalize on the live video craze. Highlight an upcoming event, special guest speaker, big church announcement or funny office happenings.


Now that we’ve sparked your creativity, get out there and post some great content!