Sean Pettus


Ready for an adventure? Sean is your guy. When he’s not climbing, hiking or exploring a new city, he’s making waves with his web development skills.

He began his career by taking an internship that led to a full-time role as Lead Web Developer for a medical management company in Montgomery, AL. He was responsible for web-based projects, predominantly managing the back-end coding and front-end design of all the company’s digital platforms.

In 2017, Sean heard the call of the wild and made the move to Nashville to participate in a discipleship cohort with a local church. Throughout this experience, he realized his deep-rooted desire to serve and care for people.

As part of the Landslide Creative team, Sean helps others live out their mission by using his skills to bring their websites and marketing campaigns to life. He brings a unique ability to look at problems from all angles to develop the best solutions. He believes that, “this is the way it has always been done” is not an effective strategy, and he never stops exploring ways to help our clients achieve their goals

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