How to Find Photos for Blog Posts

We know that every blog post should have an image for SEO reasons. But finding quality images to use can be a daunting task. And taking your own photos just isn’t always realistic.

If you’re thinking, “What!? Images are everywhere! Just use Google!” Keep reading…

Why can’t I use Google Images?

Google Images doesn’t actually own the images it’s showing you. It’s simply a search engine bringing up images from websites all over the Internet. Most of the images you see are copyrighted, and are the exclusive property of their owners. Copyrighted images should not be republished without the owner’s permission.

Just because an image is not watermarked or listed as copyrighted doesn’t mean it’s not copyrighted. In fact, it’s better to assume it is copyrighted, unless specified otherwise.

You can use Google Images to help you locate images. But it’s up to you to verify the copyright status on any image before you republish it on your blog or website.

Now that we know what we can’t use, let’s move on to what we can use.

8 of the Best Sources for Photos for Your Blog

Below is a list of several free stock photography websites. Copyright restrictions vary by site and by image. For example, some images require that you credit the photographer. So take note of that before using any image on your blog or website.


New Old Stock
This site bills itself as “vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.” Lots of cool images, but no easy way to search.

Photo Pin 
This website is actually searching Creative Commons images on Again, quality is all over the board, but you can find some more interesting shots here.


This is a somewhat limited collection of very creative illustrations, photos and icons. What they lack in quantity they make up for in cuteness and imagination.

You’ll find a smaller selection of high-quality images in a variety of broad categories.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons is 20 million images strong and growing. It’s bound to have something you can use.


Unsplash delivers 10 new high resolution photos every 10 days. The photos are stunning, but again, no search.

The quality of images varies widely, but you can often find some nice shots.

Free Images
The selection is pretty good for many basic needs.


Know of any other great sources for free, high-quality photos? Tell us on Twitter @landslidecrtv.