Meet Our Team

We approach the team concept a little differently than a traditional creative agency. Over the years, we’ve built a network of specialists that we trust. When you come to us with a project, we assemble a team of experts to meet your specific needs. It’s a small, agile team that always includes at least one of our co-founders who will be invested in your project from start to finish. Everyone working on your project can focus on what they’re great at and nothing else. We think you’ll find this approach more convenient and responsive.

  • Amanda Dyer

    Co-Founder | Creative Director

    Amanda got her start in marketing and design in elementary school when she made bead animal keychains and sold them to her classmates (eventually getting them banned due to their skyrocketing success and distracting nature.) She’s now using that keen business sense to help customers succeed with strategic design and marketing.

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  • Josh Jenkins

    Co-Founder | Development + Strategy

    Josh has never met a problem he couldn’t solve. He also rarely goes to bed before 2 a.m. But while you and I are sleeping, he’s writing lines of complicated code in languages you’ve probably never heard of. Or he’s watching The Dark Knight for the 500th time. Either way, this guy is one smart cookie and he’s using those smarts to help your business.

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Our Trusted Specialists

  • Tom Dyer

    Video Producer

  • Todd Evans


  • Levi Watson

    Copywriter | Illustrator

  • Thomas Kirk